At AICS, we believe that education should promote human rights,equity and empower young people to fully exploit their potential and that of their community.

Using a rights based approach, we are empowering children and their households to ensure that no one is left behind in the spirit of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) no. 4.  This includes focus on addressing gender gaps and TIVET. Besides formal school Education, we believe in empowering young people with lifelong learning opportunities

We have supported children education through the AICS Education Fund and in partnership with other organizations such as KUSOMESA based in Canada. Overall, we have supported more than 80 students to complete high school education and transition to institutions of higher learning.


We believe that a responsive education and youth empowerment policy is key to achieving 100% enrolment, retention, completion and transition from primary to secondary and tertiary education. AICS advocates for responsive policies and legislation. We also contribute towards  data that informs decision making and continued advocacy. Some of the ways we have contributed to supporting young people is by addressing barriers to accessing education such as developing practical interventions that address child labour. We have achieved this through forming synergies and partnerships with organizations such as ILO.


Child marriage and teenage pregnancies is one of the leading causes of school drop outs amongst most girls in our communities. We have contributed towards reducing the prevalence by conducting research and providing data on this. More information can be found on the provided link. ,