We provide evidence informed models to address challenges affecting child survival, development and welfare through
Action Research | Policy Advocacy | Capacity Building

Prevention of Substance use among Adolescents

The project aims at implementing existing evidence informed, school-based intervention, that has been proven efficacious in drug and substance use prevention among young people. Learn more

Promoting rights of persons with mental disability in the Justice system

This project which is funded by Open Society Foundation Initiative through Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa, is based on the premise that adult care givers form the first circle of protection for children. Learn more

Promoting Access to Justice for Children

AICS has championed improvement of access to justice for children through training, research and policy advocacy. The CEO of AICS represents the organization in the...
Learn more



Preventing & responding to online child sexual exploitation

Appreciating that 13-19% of children and youth, mostly those aged between 12 and 16 years have had an experience of online sexual solicitation in the last year, and this number is rapidly growing... Learn more

Contributing to Achievement of SDG through Children Agenda Forum

AICS is voluntary secretariat to the Children Agenda Forum - CAF This is a platform for coordination of efforts of Civil Society... Learn more

Providing access to book for children by children

AICS in partnership with Global Storymakers are promoting access to reading books for children in their own language. This often is not feasible for publishers due to low volumes in some communities. Learn more