The AICS Education Fund has developed a scholar-leadership program which seeks to keep needy and bright students in school by supporting them with school fees. The program has identified 20 boys and girls from two secondary schools in Kajiado county. The vetting process was based on merit and detailed assessment of the student’s capabilities and history of academic performance. Besides school fees, the students are able to access mentorship and support on their self-designed community leadership projects which vary from one student to another. You can help us keep these students in school through in-kind gifts of any amount. We are also seeking mentors who can support our students in implementing and expanding their individual community projects.

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- Support a child’s education -

10% of income from our Social Enterprise supports a Scholar-Leadership Program. This sustains young people in school and builds their skills in leadership and philanthropy through community projects they initiate.

We also rally the various sponsors, bought corporates and individuals to partner with us in supporting these children