Contributing to Achievement of SDG through Children Agenda Forum

  AICS is voluntary secretariat to the Children Agenda Forum - CAF ( This is a platform for coordination of efforts of Civil Society organizations that are child focused towards implementation and monitoring of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Kenya.

It was formed from an initiative by World Vision Kenya and Child Fund Kenya to promote engagement of child focused CSOs in drafting and implementation of SDG. The mission of the forum is promote child sensitive decision making in governance and development that Evidence backed.

Left: Training of CSO representatives on County Government Budget Cycle and Effective Budget advocacy

The strategic activities of the forum include:

  1. To facilitate child focused research to inform public policy and programming
  2. To undertake advocacy in the best interest of children
  3. To strengthen capacities of child focused organizations/institutions in advancing

  4. Some of the activities undertaken include training of CSO representatives on National and County Government Budgeting Process to improve effectiveness in advocacy for adequate resources allocation in best interest of children; hosting of quarterly coordination meeting to collate and disseminate information on contribution of CSOs to child protection and child welfare in Kenya.
    Regular attendees to the CAF meetings include Save the Children Kenya, World Vision Kenya, ANPPCAN, Volunteer Services Overseas, CFEA, Plan International Kenya, Handicap International, Terre des Homes Netherlands. The CRADLE, NISELA, East African Center for Human Rights, Children Environment and Development, CESVI, Feed the Children, Vision Africa, Mtoto News, CISP, and Pendekezo Letu.