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Month Course No. COURSE TITLE
January C201 Education Planning for Children in Emergency & Resource Limited Areas
C301 Child Health from Rights Based Perspective
February C108 Child Rights Based Approach to Programming
C401 Grants, Tendering, Fundraising and Management
March C105 Psychosocial Support and Trauma Management for Children and Adolescents
C106 Case Management for Children and Adolescents in need of care and protection
April C101 Childhood and Child Development
C102 Legislations, Policies, Guidelines & Advocacy Framework for Actors in Children Sector
May C103 Child Protection including Protection in Emergencies
C104 Positive & Alternative Discipline Methods
June C409 Disability Mainstreaming
C408 Gender Mainstreaming
July C405 Research Methods & Knowledge Management
C406 Effective Communication Skills
August C404 Quality Improvement and Auditing of Programs/ Projects
C407 Training of Trainers in Programming for Actors in Children Sector
September C402 Alcohol and Drug Abuse
C403 HIV/AIDS at workplace
October C107 Child Participation & Advocacy Framework for Actors in Children Sector
C302 Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers and Supervisors
November C410 Monitoring & Evaluation
C411 Project Planning and Management
December C109 Life Skills for Adolescents
C110 Skillful Parenting


AICS Training Institute is one of the Top Training Centers in East and Central Africa currently providing training on specific Child Centered courses.

The training programs were developed to respond to the needs identified through consultative meetings with children practitioners and academicians, and Training Needs Assessment conducted among the learners and employers in the children sector. The Institute also partners with Daystar University to offer some of the courses.

The Institute has expert trainers, with extensive professional and academic experience. We provide follow up mentorship and Organization Capacity Development to our clients, and our graduates have an option of joining our pool of associates.

The courses are offered on-site (AICS Venue), online and in-house (at the client’s location). Programs; Daytime; Evening and Weekends.

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AICS supports individuals and organizations to improve quality of services to children.

AICS was established primarily to address gaps in workforce and organization systems that compromised quality of services to children in Africa.

This has been confirmed through the ongoing Training Needs Assessment conducted by AICS (access through link


These gaps have also been confirmed by the Global Social Workforce Alliance (, to which AICS is a member.



The AICS Associate Model places novices to learn under experts drawn from universities and highly experienced practitioners. The goal is to transfer skills in research, training and policy advocacy through action research. A mentor would often work with 3 to 5 mentees. A mix of academicians and practitioners is deliberately sought as well as across countries. 

The Palaver

8This is an informal session where individuals with interest in a discipline or knowledge area on children are invited to gather in a room/ hut over tea or coffee and learn from each other. They are conducted periodically and organized by AICS and Daystar University – the Institute for Child Development. A topic is identified from members requests and a expert speaker identified to lead the discussion. Lessons are picked including recommendation for policy or guidelines.

Organization system strengthening

This includes audit of organization systems, providing trainings, on-site support to develop appropriate policies and procedures.


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