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Education is the first step to break the cycle of poverty not only for the children but their families, communities and the country at large.

In Kenya, transition of students to secondary schools and their retention is largely dependent on their families’ ability to pay the required levies charged to meet the shortfall in funding by the government. Most of Kenyan families are poor and cannot afford the ever rising levies, as a result there is continuing high dropout rates leaving only a few to proceed to tertiary schools. And thus the poverty circle continues.

AICS Education Fund was set up in 2014 to offer partial scholarships to children from poor families to complete their secondary school education. It is financed from 10% of annual income from consultancy services provided by AICS associates and contributions from philanthropic individuals and institutions. It is provided as a one-off support to individual students on merit basis.

Since its inception, the EduFund has supported 45 children, some every year. This is 20% percent of all received applications.

Many applications are received but only a few go through due to limited availability of funds. We would like to partner with as many people/organizations as possible to support the children to finish their secondary education and have a bright future.

You can do this by either channeling your funds to AICS EduFund or adopt a child and send funds to their school every year.

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Applications are usually open from 1st of January to 31st of January every yearClick to download the STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

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